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To Chairman of the National People¡¯s Congress of

the PRC(the People¡¯s Republic of China)








Chairman of the National People¡¯s Congress of the PRC(the People¡¯s Republic of China)

General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee of the PRC

President of the PRC

Premier of the PRC 


Hada and his wife Xinna, along with Huuchinhuu, strugglers fighting for the benefits, existence and justice of the South Mongolian people, are full-right citizens of the PRC. In order to protect the legitimate rights of the Mongolians, they offer their suggestions in a peaceful way and take the initiatives in promoting the development of South Mongolia. They carry out their activities in accordance with the Constitution of the PRC. However, the Party and government organs of Inner Mongolia autonomous region which are under direct control of the CPC(Communist Party of China) and Chinese government imposed false accusations on Hada and threw him into prison for 15 years, assaulting and torturing him in different ways and scratching his body and soul with incurable scars. Desipe the expiration of his imprisonment, he is still jailed in an anonymous prison. The local government completely deprives the rights of Hada¡¯s wife Xinna and his son Wei lesi to enjoy political freedom and peaceful life, often threatening and intimidating them.

Hada and his wife Xinna, along with Hu qinfu, are the heroes of our nation, who our Mongolians are always proud of.They are our relatives of consanguinity and their hearts are closely linked with ours. However, the illegal imprisonment and torture cunducted by the authorities of Inner Mongolia autonomous region has insulted our mongolians as a whole, hurt our hearts, deprived our faith in the authorities, and stirred the animosity inside us. Here, we lodge a protest publicly and demand solemnly a punishment to those who threaten Hada and his families and those who imprison and torture Hada illegally. We urge that Hada be released immediately and the rights of his wife and son to enjoy normal life be returned. Not long ago, President Xi jinping made a call of ruling the country by law and urged that the authorities, officials, and policemen who maltreated Hada and his families illegally be eliminated and strongly demanded the freedom of intellectuals like Hada, Xinna, and Hu qinfu be restored.



Mongolian liberal union party

The Buddhist Association of Mongolia

All Mongolian youth who aspire for freedom, equality and uphold human rights and democracy

                         Nov 9th,2014







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