Chinese Government!  Release conscientious prisoners, 

Mr. Hada and his colleagues who strived for Freedom and

  Human Rights of South Mongolia!



     Over the past hundred years,the South Mongolian people has been invaded and oppressed by the other nations.However our struggle for existence and development has never ceased and many national heroes have sacrificed their precious lives for the freedom of our nation.Now, Hada and his families, along with Hu qingfu are fighting relentlessly for the human rights of South Mongolia.They are seen as our national heroes, the fountain of our spiritual symbol and power.Hada was thrown into jail on false charges in 1995 and was still in custody after the expiration of the imprisonment.His family was also taken into custody and persecuted for many times.Hu qingfu was tortured during his imprisonment and is on the edge of being blind.

Over the past 60 years, the CPC and its puppet-the Inner Mongolia autonomous region government disregard and trample on the human rights and freedom of South Mongolian people,plunder the natural resources, spoil the natural environment, and destroy the prairie ecosystem.

Thus, we've decided to organize a march protest in front of the Chinese Embassy in Japan at 3 p.m.,November 9th, 2014. Welcome the participation of Inner Mongolian youth who love their homeland and compatriots. And we hope the Japanese personage who uphold human rights,equality,democracy and universal values can come and support us.Thank you so much

Time:November 9th, 2014

Venue:Front of the Linen tax agency,Tokyo


Olhunud Daichin  090-6237-2104





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