Japanese Citizens Support Southern Mongolian Self-determination


April 19, 2009 


The following is an English text of a protest speech by Mr.Nagayama Hideki, a Japanese citizen and the President of Taiwanese Research Forum, in support of the self-determination of Southern (Inner) Mongolia:

Under the Chinese colonial regime, the Southern Mongolians, a peace-loving and kind-hearted people, have been unilaterally massacred by the Chinese Communist Party over the past 60 years. At that time, as a result the total population of Southern Mongolians has been reducedto 75% of 1.4 million. In other words, a quarter of the entire population or hundreds of thousands of innocent Southern Mongolians had been arrested, jailed, tortured and killed by the Chinese Communist Party for nonexistent crimes. Why then didn¨t these brave people resist these massacres? Because the harshness of the persecution, brutality of the torture and cruelty of the massacres were so overwhelming that these brave Mongolians were not even given enough of a break to resist. Dear peace-loving friends, we are strongly denouncing this 40 year long human tragedy and crime against humanity carried out by the Chinese Communist Party¨s ethnic policy in Southern Mongolia.

Lets direct our attention to this fact: before the massacres of Tibetans and Uyghurs, the CCP had already massacred hundreds of thousands of Mongolians in Southern Mongolia. Recently, a Tibetan exile commented on the massacre of Southern Mongolians committed by CCP: the massacre of Southern Mongolians was in fact a rehearsal of the massacre of Tibetans carried out by the CCP. This is how Tibetans see this event. Therefore, the people who were massacred by the CCP are not only the Tibetans, not only the Uyghurs, but also the Southern Mongolians. It is the Southern Mongolians who were totally innocent but still have been targeted by the CCP for ethnic cleansing and ethnic genocide. What then are the ^crimes ̄ of the Southern Mongolians? Why have these people been subjected to ethnic cleansing despite the fact that they have not resisted the CCP oppressive regime? The answer is simply that the Chinese want the territory of Southern Mongolia to be a Chinese colonial area where the Chinese population can freely pour in. Currently, the Southern Mongolian territory is overwhelmingly occupied by the Chinese rather than by the indigenous Mongolian themselves. It is due to the Chinese population transfer and population explosion, that the Southern Mongolians are at the brink of ethnic extermination.

As you may know, Southern Mongolians are predominantly a nomadic people. They have been practicing livestock herding to maintain their livelihood. However, the CCP have even prohibited them from herding their animals. Furthermore, the Southern Mongolians are deprived of their right to employment opportunity. Therefore, they are experiencing an extreme hardship in maintaining their livelihood, being gradually pushed to the edge of the society. As a result, the society of Southern Mongolia has become a place where everything is controlled by the Chinese.

The language of Southern Mongolia is Mongolian, not Chinese. However, the CCP is banning the use of the Mongolian language in social and public life. The Southern Mongolians are deprived of their space for social activity on their own land. As a result, it is extremely difficult for the Mongolians to preserve their unique way of life without being assimilated by the Chinese. Where else is there a colonial regime as repressive as this?

The 20th century had seen the big powers of Western Europe and the Soviet Union put many Asian nations under their colonial regimes. However their regimes had never been as brutal as that of the Chinese. Britain and France did not carried out ethnic cleansing policy in their colonial territories. In contrast, the CCP is doing so in its colonial area --- Southern Mongolia. Now the CCP is implementing its policy of ethnic cleansing and ethnic extermination in Tibet and Uyghur nations, but the same ethnic cleansing was carried out in Southern Mongolia prior to these events and is nearing the end.

Dear supporters, up until the middle of the Second World War, Southern Mongolians who are currently under the CCP oppressive colonial regime considered the Japanese a very friendly ally. In this region, with the assistance of Japanese military stationed there, Mongolian people modernized their army and started establishing their militarized national defense. Therefore, comparing it with the CCP colonial regime, some elders even said that the Japanese troops were better than the Chinese counterpart. Some Southern Mongolians said the Japanese armies were in fact much friendlier than both Kuomintang and the CCP armies, because the Japanese military helped to modernize the Southern Mongolian military forces. Unlike the Chinese military, Japanese military had never carried out any massacre against the Southern Mongolians. Therefore, Southern Mongolians under the Chinese regime are very pro-Japanese and grateful to the Japanese for helping their nation-building. However, today these people are suffering from Chinese persecution, genocide and ethnic cleansing. We Japanese people support the cause of Southern Mongolia, our former ally. Currently Southern Mongolians are still very friendly to Japanese people while they are suffering under the brutal Chinese regime. As a friend shouldn¨t we work to liberate the Southern Mongolians from Chinese state sanctioned terrorism? Let us fight for the cause of our nation-friend. Let us work together toward the liberation of Southern Mongolia that is still under the Chinese colonial regime. Let us strive for the libration and self-determination of Southern Mongolians, Tibetans, and Uyghurs, and for the defense of Taiwan that has been the target of Chinese expansion. Let us Japanese people join together with the Taiwanese, Tibetans and Southern Mongolians to fight for their freedom and self-determination, uncover the insidious nature of the CCP regime, and cause its immediate collapse. Let our Asian nations have an agreement to make Asia a peaceful and strong region. Dear friends, let us pay close attention to the plight of Southern Mongolia. As Japanese citizens let us strive for the liberation of Southern Mongolia.

Thank you very much!




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