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Announcement of Establishing the Preparatory

Committee for the Overseas Southern Mongolian Congress






Democracy and freedom, equality and human rights has become a world consensus, which is also a feature of the new era. We can say that the history of mankind could be considered as the struggles for democracy and freedom, equality and human rights. Our Mongolian people have struggled for freedom for hundreds of years. Our Southern Mongolian people have fought for freedom at the cost of our blood and life in the last hundred years, such as Togtoh, who fought against the Chinese Army; hero Damdinsureng, who would rather die than surrender in Chinese prison; Duke Babuujab, who was killed in action; and His Royal Highness Demchugdongrob, who dedicated his life to the struggle for freedom. Our mother river Shar-muren is flowing slowly. The blood of Mergen, our young hero from Uzumchin county, has not been dry and our combat has not stopped.

 During the 68 years under the colonial domination of the Communist Party of China, our Southern Mongolian People have lost everything. Due to the loss of sovereignty, we were slaughtered as what CCP did in the Cultural Revolution. It is time for our Southern Mongolian People to wake.

Since 1981 when Mongolian college students protested against massive migration of the Chinese and years later the Hada established "Southern Mongolian Democracy Alliance" struggling for real autonomy, many overseas organizations like "Inner Mongolian People's Party", "Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center" and "Mongolian Liberal Union Party" had been set up outside and actively carried out their activities according to their own programs. In the past two years, organizations such as "Southern Mongolian Youth Federation", "Inner Mongolia Democratic Party" and "Southern Mongolian Liberal Democratic Fund" were set up, which mainly consisted of young people. All these indicated that the development of the overseas Southern Mongolian democratic power had stepped into a new stage.

There is strength in numbers. Once our Mogolians hold together, nothing will be unbreakable. The sparks of fire in the grassland of Southern Mongolia have become the fire of fight for freedom overseas. Now, it is time to burst the fire of fight into flames for freedom. In consideration of the international situation, it's requested that all of the overseas Southern Mongolian liberal democratic organizations get together, discuss the problems faced and future of Southern Mongolia, speak with one voice and promote democracy movement of Southern Mongolia forward.

The main objectives of establishing the Preparatory Committee for the Overseas Southern Mongolia Congress is to free the Southern Mongolian people from oppression by other nation; to set up the programs of deciding our own freedom and civil rights; to advocate and inherit our conventional cultures; and to build paragenesis group on the basis of freedom and democracy, combining with universal value of human rights and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. On the basis of the above objectives, the Preparatory Committee will draft the program of actions through joint consultations and put it into effect. We hope each organization and person can volunteer to participate.


the Preparatory Committee for the overseas Southern Mongolian Congress

Feb 28th, 2015


The following organizations agreed to join in: 

Inner Mongolian People¡¯s Party

Mongolian Liberal Union Party

Inner Mongolia Democratic Party

Southern Mongolian Liberal Democratic Fund

Chingqis community

Southern Mongolian Youth Federation



We plan to establish the Preparatory Committee first, and then gradually improve it. In the first phase, we appeal each organization and person to volunteer to join. Before the Congress is formally set up, the preparatory committee will carry out the activities. The Congress will be elected by the members democratically. On January 24th, 2015, the representatives of each organization held a conference in Kobe of Japan, in which they elected the chairman of the preparatory committee, and recommended several candidates for the temporary secretary-general of the preparatory committee. The Kobe conference was regarded as the first conference of the preparatory committee. The organizations and persons participate in this committee in future will hold several conferences together to improve the preparatory committee. When the Congress is formally set up, the positions like the present chairman, the executive secretary-general and secretaries of the preparatory committee will become invalid automatically. The newly elected chairman and other leaders of the Congress will get things moving. The preparatory committee will discuss the future fate of the Southern Mongolia, until the Congress is formally set up and carries out its activities. After the formal establishment of the Congress, members of the Congress and advisory group will define the route of struggling and program of actions through democratic consultations and scientific argumentation. Before the Congress is formally established, the declarations or programs by any person or organization would only represent himself/themselves.


Chairman:  Temcheltu Shobchigud

Executive Secretary-General:  Daichin Olhunud

Office Address: 7-6-6 Oshima St., Koudo District, Tokyo, Japan

Contact details:

Temcheltu Shobchigud  Tel:£¨49£©22-1491-9381

Daichin Olhunud Tel:£¨81£©80-3652-0935

Archa Tel:£¨81£©90-6237-2104



Contact information


Tubshinjayaga  (420)777-522-803 


Nomin  (1)404-988-4573


Ch.Munghebayar  (976)9914-6533 


Temeulun  (81)080-3836-8886







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