To the Peoples Congress, Government and Party Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

To the Government and Party Committee of Siziwang Banner and Sunite Banner


During recent years, the Mongolias appeal to Beijing or even hold protests in order to protect their land and pasture.

In order to protect their own legal rights, the herdsmen of the two Banners appealed to the Banner government, Hohhot, and relative agencies in Beijing, but failed. The officials in the Banner government deceived the herdsmen by procrastinating the cases and insulted them deliberately, which drove the herdsmen to protest in the street. According to the videos, the local policemen threatened the herdsmen and repressed the unarmed herdsmen with violence. Then who violate the law? Not the herdsmen, but those local corrupt officials and policemen who threatened the civilians.

Thus we raise the following requests and demand the relative departments solve them immediately:

1. According to the Constitution of China, people are the real masters of the country. In other words, the herdsmen on the grassland are the real masters of their homeland; without the permission of the herdsmen, no agency has the right to bestow or transact their land. President Xi jinping advocates the policy of ruling the country by law and we strongly demand relative departments punish the local corrupt officials led by the vice team leader of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Farming and Pastoral Areas working group who illegally expropriated the pasture of the herdsmen when expanding the Zhu rihe Base.

2. Publish and punish the policemen who illegally cracked down the lawful activities of the herdsmen.

3. Compensate the defaulted money immediately and strongly punish the relative officials. Compensate the real number money to the herdsmen and be responsible for their psychological loss.

4. Compensate the loss of the nearby herdsmen of Zhu rihe Base.

5. Strongly demand the herdsmen who protested during this time be released and psychologically compensated.

Inner Mongolian Peoples Party

Mongolia Liberal Union Party

South-Mongolia Liberal Democratic Fund

Chinggis community

1st Feb, 2015


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